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My Research Contributions ...

My research program applies organizational theories and management principles with the goal of optimizing organizational performance through innovation adoption. My research programs can be classified into two areas: access to care among older adults and innovation adoption.

My Current Research As Principal Investigator

Promoting access to community resources for Medicare population
This project is supported by Alabama Department of Senior Services. We created and maintained a pharmacy network to help identify Medicare patients with limited income who are potentially qualified to receive governmental sponsored subsidy programs. In summer 2022, we launched a small study to assess the effectiveness of educational materials on preventive services on Medicare beneficiaries' intention to use preventive services.
Addressing Health Inequities and Disparities by Improving Immunization Practice Standards in Independent
Community Pharmacies
We collaborate with the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) in this CDC-funded study to increase pharmacy personnel knowledge and skills in immunization services and emergency preparedness. We will target our educational intervention in areas with high social vulnerability index.
Senior Medicare Patrol Program
With the supported from Alabama Department of Senior Services, we disseminate information about recent fraud cases to community pharmacies so that they can help educate the public about fraud prevention.
Creating a research-based rural pharmacy network
Together with researchers across 7 southeastern states we created a partnership with over 100 community pharmacies in rural counties with the goal to facilitate pharmacy-based research studies that focus to enhance health outcomes of rural residents.
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